Tuesday, 7 November 2017

#IWill week: November 20th- 24th 2017

Social action is practical action in the service of others that creates positive change”

#IWill week is upon us. This week we celebrate the thousands upon thousands of young people across the United Kingdom who lead social action, who inspire others, and who create positive change in their communities. Hundreds of organisations will be holding events to shine a light on these young people, Social Action Awards will be held, there will be workshops, and there will be cake. By the end of the 2016 #IWill week, 670 organisations had made a pledge to support the #IWill campaign and to support young people, by the end of the 2017 #IWill week, I hope even more organisations make a pledge, and get involved.

What is an #IWill pledge? How can I get involved?

This pledge is a promise, made by an organisation, to young people. This pledge can offer a variety of things, some examples include:
·         To inspire and empower young people to get involved in social action
·         To put social action at the heart of my school, college or university
·         To develop new, youth-friendly social action opportunities
·         To ensure young people have a voice and are represented in decision-making.
All of these examples centre around one thing, and that is enabling young people to engage in meaningful, positive change.
An organisation signs up to a pledge, and then holds itself to that pledge, with support from the IWill team, and the IWill ambassadors, signing itself up to a campaign backed by leaders from across UK society, led by HRH Prince of Wales, with support from all major political parties.

Why get involved?

Simply put, it’s worth it.

42% of 10-20 year olds took part in meaningful social action in 2016. The Office for National Statistics puts this age range (10-20 year olds) at roughly 19% of the population of the UK.  What a huge demographic. What a charitably involved demographic. Organisations ranging from Comic Relief to o2 to the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Surrey support that demographic in what they do. These 670 organisations are putting their deeds where their words are, and committing to creating a more socially engaged group of young people. That benefits everyone in society, all the way up the scale. The Scouts have made an #IWill pledge – they run the “A Million Hands” project, looking to support those suffering dementia, among other groups.

I for one wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t get involved in Social Action work in my second year of University. I went from being inherently shy and lacking confidence to knowing my strengths, to knowing the good I could do, and to knowing how I could do that good for the benefit of others. That’s the most powerful reason to me for supporting the #IWill campaign. It gave me direction and it connected me to organisations who wanted to do good for the benefit of others. Knowing you are not alone in what you do is an inherent human need, #IWill connects and supports through its work.

I cannot encourage enough participation in its work, I cannot encourage enough the change in young people’s lives it creates. I am a trustee for one of the UK’s biggest youth organisations, and I do a lot of charity work across Wales. I’ve worked for WCVA (A Welsh umbrella charity that looks after thousands of Welsh organisations) for several months. I’m not saying this for brownie points, I’m saying this to make the point that 2 years of involvement with #IWill organisations changed my life. I also mention my trusteeship for a reason, it is crucial that young people are on charity boards, especially those with a youth focus. In 2010, 0.5% of trustees were aged 18-24, a tiny number. Pledge to change that. Pledge to support. Because with support, #IWill can be that touch-paper that other young people can light, and take part in, and change their lives too, for the benefit of all in society.

Get involved.

Change lives. 

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