Tuesday, 29 August 2017

A letter to 18 year old Me (part 2)

Hi, I am Joe. 

I've just graduated from Cardiff University, with a BA in Ancient History & Religious Studies. I'm now working as much as possible in Cardiff, in the not-for-profit sector, and I am really enjoying it.

I've changed a lot over the past three years, this right here is a part 2 of a letter to me, three years ago.
(Part 1 is here)

Hi again, Joe from three years ago.

I don't know about you, but I really enjoyed writing some life tips to you last week. 

I've got a final five for you, if you're not bored sick of me. Well, I hope you're not, because you're me. This got very existential.

6. Indulge creativity
There's a time in a few years where you have a full-time job, and bills to pay. Right now, you've got the most time you'll ever have in the world, and you'd better use it. Spend a day with the guitar. Start drawing again. Enjoy creating for the pleasure of creating, not for any other reason. And bloody hell, believe in yourself you dweeb. Part of that is consuming creativity too, stop watching crap tv, I know it's a novel concept to be able to watch telly, but seriously, pick up a book. Read some poetry. Watch good films. Be a #CulchaVulcha for a bit, and enjoy it. Ooh and podcasts/Radio 4/audio books.

7. Cook
I guess this pointer is a bit like No#6, but it's something you'll really love in the future. 
Have you ever made pancakes with blueberries and cream? 
No? They're great. 
Have you ever made proper pad thai?
No? It's great.
And you'll make an amazing pasta bake, like, you'll just take the tray upstairs, screw bowls.
If you start now, you might know what herbs are, and I'd really appreciate that now.

One day you will be designated pancake maker for your house; it's a heavy burden, but a tasty one.

8. Stop wearing that jacket, you know the one
'Nuff said.

9. Start thinking about what you care about
This is a biggie. Right now,  you're a big mouth, with a veneer of intelligence. You really really think you know everything about every topic under the sun. 

I hate to break it to you flower, but you ain't jack. You're about to meet people your age who are experts in their respective fields, you'll meet some stupidly clever people. Stop nodding along without knowing what they are talking about, stop trying to look intelligent, listen to them instead. Ask dumb questions. 
"Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than open it and remove all doubt" doesn't apply to learning. 
Because honestly, you are going to get some really good opportunities in the near future, be brave in them. Take every opportunity to learn. 

10. Think about your past, carefully.
Role models will dominate your head a bit, guaranteed. A few will surprise you. A few will shock you. A few will raise so high in your estimation. Be willing for that change to happen, and also:
Be willing for that unshakeable pride in your upbringing to whirl around your head for a year or two.
That will dominate your thoughts.
All that pride in the empathy, people skills, maturity, don't trust it. I'm coming back to the conclusion of the last little letter, but trust your family, and trust your close friends, and don't trust much else. 

Love you, you little git. 

All best

Future Joe.