Thursday, 6 July 2017

"The World is worth fighting for"

I've had a lot of time recently for reflection.

A lot of the reflection has been internal - about how I have been shaped over the past three years, and about what university has meant to me.

Some of the reflection has been external. Into the insanity that is modern politics at the moment, and the frequency with which terror and tribalism have crept into lives.

The first year or so in Cardiff was full of naivety on my part. I used to walk at all hours, anyone walking behind me didn't make my pulse quicken, didn't make me cross the road, twice, to make sure I wasn't being followed.
I wasn't bothered by aggression.

A few things which I have previously written about shattered that naivety. I was going to say "a little", but you can't shatter something a little. Once something is shattered, piecing it together is quite tricky.

The second year in Cardiff was full of a sense of purpose, purpose I hadn't experienced before.
I was in a city I could do things in. I was in a city where I could make change happen.
I got into youth politics, I got into social action. I did some really cool things.

A few things which I have previously written about honed that purpose. As I cultivated some awareness, the burning desire to do things, the burning desire to throw time at people and action threatened to overwhelm a bit.

This final year in Cardiff has been full of replacing role models, and learning to be kind to myself. Learning to pick battles. Learning the importance of an early night, and sometimes of cancelling to catch up on myself.

Trump has been a thing for almost all of my final year.
Brexit has been a thing for almost all of my final year.

They're two crazy things I'm still not quite familiar with.

The sector I would like to work in and devote time to is hugely reliant on EU funding. How well the 3rd sector will cope when EU payments are phased out, I don't know. It will survive, I'm certain of that much, charity always survives change, it has to.
Whether the government will pick up the slack though, I'm even less certain.

I talk about characterization of the past three years, well these past few months have been characterized by uncertainty.

But with every storm is the end of that storm - the petrichor, the clouds scuttling away, the fresh rays of sunlight.

I guess I'm saying with this entire post that I'm looking forward to the end of this storm.

"The World is a fine place and worth fighting for" - Ernest Hemingway


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    1. Cheers Pa. I enjoyed writing it. One of my more stylistic ones in a long time.