Sunday, 29 January 2017

On a Fat Blonde Guy and the 'New Iron Lady'

I've had a strange reaction to the news over the past few days.

I see stories of a man who once had a mission to offend as many minor demographics as he possibly could, now in charge of one of the most powerful countries in the World, whose mission now seems to be to provoke as many religions as he can with his executive ordersdefeat ISIL in 30 days, and hold Theresa May's hand.
That man is Donald Trump, if you're really really out of the loop.

And the guy tasked with keeping Trump grounded is a four-star retired Marine Corps general affectionately called James 'Mad Dog' Mattis.

Doesn't that fill you with hope.

And then there's the second person in the news without the popular vote, without any vote at all - it's Theresa May!
Only after swathes of criticism from politicians and public outcry (even her own MP's weren't best impressed), she would state that she "didn't agree" with Trump's ban on Muslims entering the US. This from the New Iron Lady, who promised she would hold Trump firmly to account before her visit to America.
Oh and there's those bits she didn't mention about Trident, about the misfire off the coast of Florida, which she knew about and didn't raise before the MP vote on renewing the £40 billion system, that's been conveniently buried.  

It's funny isn't it - a gallows humour kind of funny - that the increasingly populist Theresa May and the pure populist Trump campaign both succeeded without the popular vote.

May seems bent on attempting to secure the special relationship for another four years, hoping that if she feeds the crocodile enough, it will eat her last.

That's the thing.

If you look for similarities in World history of blanket bans of certain religions by major World powers, you only have to go back about 80 years. 

Will our un-elected Prime Minister stand up to oppression?
Will she defend against the breed of exclusive nationalism that killed Jo Cox?

The sad thing is I think that Theresa May not.

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