Tuesday, 13 December 2016

This is a powerless blog

                               Syrian child runs past bodies in Aleppo

As I sit in my chair in Cardiff and write this blog, in Aleppo, Syria, pro-government army radio is encouraging soldiers to rape a man's wife and daughters in front of him, as standard protocol.

As I sit in my chair in Cardiff and write this blog, captured Syrian men are faced with the choice of being killed or joining Bashar al-Assad's army.
Buses are leaving, some have seen mixed groups on board these buses, some have seen only women and some children.
It is not clear where they are going.

Yet as I sit in my chair and write this blog, in BBC headquarters, and other news headquarters around the World, the official line is that the fighting is over. That the resistance is crushed. 

The resistance is crushed. The military resistance in Aleppo is no more. 
And yet the massacre continues.

It seems that the pro-government forces are slaughtering all they see in their victory, and they can see a lot of innocents. As Abdulkafi al-Hamdo - a Syrian in Aleppo (Find his Twitter here - @Mr_Alhamdo) - states, "They don't want to leave any of us alive".

Many children, reported on the ground numbering over 100, are trapped within a building in East Aleppo, under indiscriminate bombing. 

And yet why is it so hard to access what is going on? 
Why does the BBC headline "Fighting over in besieged Aleppo", making it sound like the crisis is over? There are currently detailed reports in the hands of the UN that show massacres of unarmed civilians by pro-government militias, but that's no story. 
The UN have already recorded 82 field executions of civilians. 

“Aleppo is being destroyed and burned completely,” Mohammad Abu Rajab states “This is a final distress call to the world ... Nobody is left. You might not hear our voice after this. It is the last call, the last call to every free person in this world. Save the city of Aleppo.”

As politicians wring their hands and nod their heads at grandiose expressions of how sympathetic we are to the Syrian plight, civilians dying in Syria as they talk. 

There will be no inquest into the atrocities in the International Criminal Court. Russia and China vetoed it once in 2014, they will veto it again.

What can we do? What can we do? What can we do? 

This is a powerless blog. 

The military resistance in Aleppo is no more.

And yet the massacre continues.

(I thank my sources - I am just blundering around the situation without them, with just a sense of deep wrongness about the situation. They have given me a point.)

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  1. With my Fathers best friend being Shia Muslim (yes a Christian and a Muslim- I forget how many arguments it caused around them in the 80's and 90's) if they were alive today, aware of the dramatic changes to politics and influences in these areas are I wonder what they would say and feel.
    I wish there was more we could do. Even though they have come to an "agreement" it's clear more blood will be shed. But we turn on our TV's and we are told "It's over, no panic" as if it was bad storm that blew tiles off a persons roof.

    Thank you for the blog post Joe, interesting read.