Thursday, 16 June 2016

Terrorist attack in West Yorkshire

So I'm sitting here seething with rage as I read down the various reports of media linked to Jo Cox's tragic death several minutes ago. If you are unaware of the events of the past half an hour, the Labour MP for Batley and Spen. was shot and stabbed several times in a sustained attack by a white man shouting "Britain First" at an advice surgery she was holding.

Why am I so angry? Because I'm young, and young people often seem to get angry about things, right? Because I don't understand the way of the world just yet, I'm sure, and when I get a bit older, I'll accept things just the way they are, I'm sure.

I'm angry because a mother of two was killed in a terrorist attack.

If you're not aware about this either, a terrorist attack is

"the unofficial or unauthorised use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims". Thanks Google.

Now onto the thing that makes me even more angry. Nowhere in the media will you hear Jo Cox's death be described as the result of a terrorist attack.
Sure, it will be described as horrific, Sure it will be described as an affront to democracy. But I am certain the word terrorist will not be used in connection to the killer. It has not been mentioned in any of the headlines so far. Ten minutes after the horrific attacks in Orlando last week, there were connections made in the media to ISIS and Islam.

Now people say the connections there to Daesh are understandable; the man who committed the horrors in Orlando made a phonecall committing his life to Daesh's cause before passing in a hail of bullets. Therefore connecting Jo Cox's death to Britain First is surely equally understandable. The killer of Jo Cox committed his crime while shouting the name of the far-right group, didn't he?

See the fallacy of the logic?

Why have we reached the stage where people are shot for their sexuality? Why have we reached the stage where people are shot for their political stances? Why have we reached the stage where the media can manipulate our understanding of both of these atrocities, without us even realising it?

I told a friend what had happened to Jo Cox as "white man committed an act of terrorism, but a white man did it so it's not called terrorism". She replied with "same shit different day". And it is.

My sincerest condolences to the Jo Cox's husband and children. May they grow up in a more accepting and loving World than the one their mother left all too soon.

Yours raging.



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  2. People are becoming more and more ignorant, fearful and hateful towards whoever the media choose. The establishment of our world is hell bent on conning people into mistrust so that they'll listen to whatever the cold, greedy inhuman powers-that-be want to say. Rant.

    1. Rant away man. It's easy to descend into apathy too, but that's the most dangerous thing.

  3. I descended into apathy long ago :D