Thursday, 2 July 2015

I don't like Christians.

Now my actual article has absolutely nothing to do with my like or dislike of Christians (If you must know, some of my best friends are devout Christians, I love 'em) but my original statement has everything to do with the point I'm making in this blog post.

Joe's little comment today revolves around people who don't read articles, they just read headlines and go ape-shit at the out of context quotes that they are drip-fed. My title of "I don't like Christians" was intended to comment on this. But I guess if you've clicked on this article you're not my target audience for the point this article is making. Crap. Oh well. Take Joe's little comment as you will, or don't. Whatever. I'm not fussed. Your loss. Dick.

I agree with Russell Brand.

Now hold onto your hats, this isn't as dramatic a statement as it may seem, in fact, I'm going to redefine that very statement. I agree with Russell Brand on less than a handful of things. One of those things is that a minute of silence for the victims of Tunisia being proposed by David Cameron is bullshit. Let me specify that even further. I find that "David Cameron proposes" the offensive bit of that statement, not the "minute of silence for the victims of Tunisia" bit. And I think Russell Brand was trying to make that very point when the Independent covered his story. The title for that piece?

" Russell Brand condemns moment of silence for Tunisia attack victims as 'minute of bulls**t' "

Now I purposely left that as big font (not because I don't know how to change fonts, look) to make the point that article headlines are purposely designed to draw the attention of a reader. They will sprout utter crap and take out of context statements left right and centre to make more people click on their stories.

Russell Brand (I believe) was more commenting on the fact that David Cameron has continuously led a policy in which the UK takes action in countries where the UK had no business taking action in, and selling guns to other countries the UK has no right to sell guns to. Russell may strike me down if I am misreading him by saying that he mourns for the victims of Tunisia as much as the rest of us, just doesn't appreciate the stench of hypocrisy coming from Mr Cameron by his populares comments when the awful awful deaths in Tunisia are as much a fault with his foreign policy as they are with terrorism.



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