Monday, 25 May 2015

tl;dr Personal update

Just before I go to bed, as I look out my window across a dark city with lots of bright lights, I thought I'd update y'all (*inwardly cringes*) about the life according to Joe.

In the last few months I've undergone some major shifts in my life, shifts that in about ten years time will seem like minor road blocks but at the moment feel enormous. I have discovered politics. I have discovered words like "societal" and "objective", words I have always known but have recently changed my view on life (If you know, you know). I have discovered Philosophy. I have discovered a "Yes" attitude, which sounds corny as fuck but basically amounts to me, a normally introverted person with my free time, going to any gig I can, meeting up with people I don't really know that well, trying new things and doing stuff I'd have never dreamed of doing twelve months ago.

I've found out that I really love old books and old languages. I've spent the vast majority of my money this year on books, books and more books. I sleep, exhausted and hungry on a pile of paper. I haven't eaten for months but damn, I know a lot about the Peloponnesian war. (I'm joking, I'm joking, I'm not exhausted)

On this date, I have an exam on the 27th, then two exams next week, and then I will spend a week around the lovely city of Cardiff, seeing friends and probably drinking a lot of alcohol before I'll go back to sunny Bugbrooke and resume an acquaintance with all things village life. I think the price of vodka will hit me the most.

I still smoke, I still drink (damn you drink a lot at university) but I have met a whole bunch of people who I'm almost certain I will know for the rest of my life. The crippling debt almost feels worth it.

Friday, 22 May 2015

You are a cockroach

This post is a confusing one for me to write. In this, I discuss my confusion at referring to humans as cockroaches. I draw from a rapper called Akala, who makes some very valid points, but mostly, I draw from a confused mind (my own) which is all of a sudden very confused about life. I feel as if in the last month or so, I have woken up and smelled the bacon, as it were. Just the bacon isn't bacon, it's a pile of shit. Burning. On my doorstep. In a paper bag.  (And I thought the neighbours liked me)

So twenty-one years and roughly two months ago, across Rwanda, an exhortation came in over a national radio station to the Hutu (an ethnic group present in Rwanda, mainly located in the surrounding African Great Lakes region), it called for a "final war" and to "exterminate the cockroaches". The cockroaches in question were the Tutsi, another large group in the area. Roughly 800,000 Tutsi and three months later, the Tutsi were wiped out. Estimates show that only approximately 30% of the Tutsi in Rwanda remained. The rest had been butchered with machetes and AK-47's, burnt alive, tortured and hung. The exhortation had done its job.

Now by bringing Katie Hopkins and her dispicableness into this, I may seem like I am overstepping the connection. I am not stating that Katie Hopkins, by describing immigrants as cockroaches, wishes a mass genocide upon them. I am stating that the wording is unfortunate coincidence at best, and at worst, hate crime. Katie Hopkins is a woman who makes a living out of her horrible views. But Joe, I hear one or two cry, (let's be honest, it's only my Mum who reads my blog, cheers Mum) I thought you liked freedom of speech, I thought you'd defend her right to say what she wants to the death? And the more I think about this conundrum, the more I get confused. Freedom of speech should never incite hatred, and that is intrinsic to my personal morals. Katie Hopkins has overstepped my mark (finally) and her views provoke extreme sadness in me. Love the immigrants. Doctors can be immigrants. Social workers can be immigrants. Teachers can be immigrants. The British peoples are bastard races of Germanic/Scandinavian/French etc peoples. We are the product of immigration, like it or not. If time has clouded your vision so much that you dehumanise humans (this doesn't have to be by the extremes of Katie Hopkins, this can be just by treating them like shit), then you also provoke extreme sadness in me.